La Gratella is among the best restaurants in Florence, where to eat one of the best Florentine steak in town

The Florentine Steak Bistecca alla Fiorentina is one of the oldest Florentine traditional dishes dating back to the 1400s. The name "steak" is owed to the Englishmen present in the city of Florence during the Feast of San Lorenzo in 1500 who, at the sight of it, shouted the word "beefsteak." The Florentines, since then, italianized the word "beefsteak" into "bistecca": a term recognized in 1750 by the Accademia della Crusca. Today, Bistecca alla Fiorentina is prepared following the rules of tradition and paying attention to the feeding of the cattle, the breed of the animal, the maturation of the meat, the thickness of the cut and the cooking, which, by tradition, must be "rare."

A typical cut of meat

The real Fiorentina is a specific cut of meat from adult cattle (aged between 15 and 19 months) that has the bone, tenderloin and sirloin. The steak must have a minimum weight of 1,2 kg and a thickness of at least 5cm. Its quality can be seen by the white veins in the fat, which should melt during cooking. The best way to cook T-bone steak obviously involves the use of a grill and coal!

The combination of fine breed and a controlled diet mainly based on corn is the basis of the goodness of our choice meats, with a delicate but intense flavor, tasty and juicy which, thanks to the optimal marbling (presence of fat veins), ensure extreme tenderness and softness.

Bistecca alla fiorentina


Trattoria La Gratella brings to the table the goodness of the finest, prized and tasty meats from certified and selected farms located in the heart of Tuscany.
At Trattoria La Gratella you can enjoy only the meats of the best scottone (young female bovines that have never gestated), which, after careful selection of the finest cuts below undergo a controlled maturing process, are grilled over charcoal and served at the table directly on the brazier.

Bistecca alla fiorentina
Bistecca alla fiorentina
Trattoria La Gratella brings on the table the real Bistecca alla Fiorentina served directly from the grill: the true jewel in the crown of La Gratella restaurant-trattoria… the best Florentine steak in Florence. Fiorentina can be paired with tasty side dishes of baked potatoes, spinach or salad. Finally, a Chianti, Brunello or Rosso di Montalcino will be perfect red wines to go with this famous and delicious meat second course.

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