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La Gratella is among the best restaurants in Florence, where to eat one of the best pasta in town

The Tuscan culinary tradition


Fresh and filled pastas were anciently prepared in Italian Renaissance courts. A typical Italian use is precisely that of the egg inserted into the pastry dough, which takes shape in countless variations and types of pasta. Its filling can be varied: meat-based, fish-based, vegetable-based and cheese-based.

Among the typical stuffed pastas of the Tuscan culinary tradition, we definitely mention the Mugello potato tortelli: with a square dough, filled with boiled potatoes and cheese, seasoned with meat sauce, duck or game sauce. Also well known are tortelloni alla maremmana, typical of the Grosseto area: squares filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, nutmeg, salt and grated pecorino cheese.

Best pasta Florence

Among the types of fresh pasta typical in the land of Tuscany, it is a must to mention pappardelle (both in the water-and-flour variant and the egg variant): a historic dish usually accompanied with meat sauce and game.
Equally well-known and delicious are pici senesi (made of water, flour, oil, and salt): that is, irregular spaghetti made from a sheet of pasta that is, subsequently, rolled and stretched.

Enjoy these and many other delicious fresh pasta dishes at La Gratella restaurant-trattoria!

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