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Ribollita Florence

One of the most fascinating dishes of Tuscan culture is the one born from the farming tradition that, with very little, was able to create real delicacies: this is the case of Ribollita! Tuscan Ribollita has at its base "poor" ingredients that were "reboiled" and thus "reused": including bread and the many winter vegetables. This dish, in fact, originated as a winter dish that was meant to refresh the farmers who had been toiling for a whole day in the fields.

The taste of tradition
It is a recipe that carries with it all the flavor of the Tuscan tradition that was created to avoid wasting the so-called “leftovers from the garden.” The typical ingredients of Ribollita are therefore: cannellini green beans, black cabbage, Savoy cabbage, chard, peeled tomatoes, celery, carrots, onions, a potato, the ever-present stale bread and extra virgin olive oil.Enjoy a delicious Tuscan Ribollita and lots of other specialties at La Gratella restaurant-trattoria!
Ribollita Firenze
Ribollita Firenze

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